SFI Filmrummet presents:
Digging the Digital

Welcome to a panel discussion about the effects of Corona through the perspectives of Film festivals, markets and the filmmakers experience when launching a new film or project.

Has the role of festivals changed? What possibilities has these new digital or hybrid formats opened up? Can you still sell your film following a digital premiere?

What can we take with us in short term and long term? We meet an esteemed panel of industry professionals and filmmakers that will share their reflections and discoveries from the recent experiences in this new landscape.

Filmrummet is presented by the Swedish Film Institute.

Brigid O’Shea
, head of industry, DokLeipzig & founder of the Documentary Association of Europe
Charlotte Gry Madsen, commissioning editor, SVT Emma Möndrup, technical producer, CPH:DOX & Cannes Digital/Scandinavian Films
David Herdies, lmmaker, Momento Film
Signe Byrge Sørensen, producer, Final Cut For Real

Klara Grunning

The seminar is free, registration is required click here

A link will be sent out one day before the seminar.
For questions to the panel, please send an email to seminar@nordiskpanorama.com.