Films in Competition 2022

Out of 433 submitted films, this year 64 have been selected to compete for the awards in Nordisk Panorama Film Festival’s five competition categories. ​​The 33rd edition of the festival is taking off in Malmö, Sweden 22-27 September.
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Documentaries tackling the most urgent topics of our time

“This year’s documentary programme tackles some of the most urgent topics of our time – climate crisis, corruption, war, violation of human rights and women’s rights. 

The selection features promising newcomers as well as internationally acclaimed filmmakers, among which are Danish Simon Lereng Wilmont with A House Made of Splinters, Finnish Susanna Helke with Ruthless Times – Songs of Care and Swedish Magnus Gertten with Nelly & Nadine

Among the newcomers are Icelandic Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir with her entertaining Band, Norwegian Emilie Beck with No Place Like Home, Swedish Maria Loohufvud and Love Martinsen with their international darling Calendar Girls and Danish Louise Leth with her heart-warming See Me As I Am.”

– Gitte Hansen & Hawa Sanneh, documentary programmers

Short films reaffirming the power of imagination

“These films reaffirm the power of imagination to open new doors and start new conversations and are hinting at contemporary issues such as the climate crisis, sexual prejudices and youth activism.

The 2022 short film selection sees the return of director Jerry Carlsson (winner of the Best Nordic Short Film Award in 2017 and 2021) and Hlynur Pálmason, director of the multi-awarded Winter Brothers and A White White Day presents his latest short Nest

Next to these established names, exciting new talents are emerging: the coming-of-age film Fardosa is a collaboration between first-time actors, writers and filmmakers Rukia Mahamed and Iqlaas Osman with director Anton Tammi.”

– Lucile Bourliaud & Sam Groves, short film programmers

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Competition Programmes


Best Nordic Documentary

Best Nordic Short Film

New Nordic Voice

Young Nordic


All selected films are also competing for the City of Malmö’s Audience Award. You find more info about the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival awards here.


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