Observer+ Online Tech Test Meeting Schedule 2021

Tuesday 14 Sept

On 14 Sept all Observer+ projects will have a short tech test on Zoom to make sure their account is ready for decision makers who are joining the forum online. It is essential that you are logged in to Zoom with an account related to the email listed above for both this test and the forum. Each team member participating from a separate device during the forum should join this meeting with their own Zoom account linked to the email address we have used to contact them.

You will receive a link to the meeting room a day before it takes place. If you are prevented from attending at the time your project has been allocated, please let us know no later than Wednesday 25 August by email to Forum Coordinator Chris Snow.



Meeting time

About A Hero Dreaming Up Surprisingly Ordinary Dreams 11.00
Aida was Here 11.00
Atomy 11.00
Celtic Utopia 11.00
Ci and Aana 11.00
Efforts 11.00
Experts of Love 11.15
Grief 11.15
Gunnar Goes Daddy’o 11.15
IndieFilm_Upnorth Oct 2020_01 11.15
Labor 11.15
Land of Dreams – Sweden Revisited 11.15
Lock-In 11.30
Máhccan – Homecoming 11.30
Mono No Aware 11.30
My Family’s Imaginary Life 11.30
Nordic Stars Morning Calm 11.30
Out of Place 11.30
Pensioner 11.45
The Last Misfits By The Golden River 11.45
The Video King 11.45
The World is Out of Focus 11.45
Trust Me 11.45
Undefined 11.45