NP Forum Consultancy Tables

Open to all Forum accredited guests

We are very happy to announce four consultancy tables at the forum, where forum participants can book afternoon meetings with attending experts.


Mon 25, 14:20-18:00

Creative Europe MEDIA drop-in Info Desk (no booking required)

On Monday 25, Creative Europe MEDIA will host a drop-in info-desk.

DAE – Documentary Association of Europe

DAE – Documentary Association of Europe acts and advocates for everyone working in documentary storytelling professions from inside and outside of Europe. The network has almost six hundred individual and institutional members from across the world and documentary sector. Members benefit from exclusive deals and partnerships with Europe’s leading markets, festivals and other events. Collated and curated content and resources, special networking events and exchange as well as advocacy in the most important conversations and debates.

Book a meeting with co-director Marion Schmidt, who can tell you more about what DAE does, and discuss your projects, in particular with regards to European industry knowledge and financing opportunities.


Tue 26, 14:00-17:40

Getty Images

Forum participants can book a meeting with Getty Images, one of the world’s biggest creators and distributors of digital content, and discover how Getty can help tell stories. They can advise on how access to an unmatched library of 495 million still images and video clips, including content from partners such as BBC, NBC, AFP, Warner Bros, ITN, Sky News, and Bloomberg, can transform productions. In addition, they can inform participants about over a million hours of offline content, including rare gems from the BBC, NBC and ITN archives; and show how affordable, royalty-free creative clips such as aerials and drone footage can be used for establishers, and to help fill in production gaps and control budgets.


The power of high-quality storytelling combined with a sober and naked portrayal of reality is a very powerful tool to further societal change. Developing an impact strategy to accompany a documentary can activate the film as a tool to reach targeted audiences and create actual change. But making an Impact Campaign can be costly, time-consuming and difficult to finance. However, accessible and free tools are becoming available for filmmakers.

One of these tools is the ShareDoc Platform, through which audiences can easily and immediately take action after watching a documentary. Meet Anne Marie Borsboom and Ruth Terpstra to find out more about launching a campaign on ShareDoc’s Platform.


To book a meeting at one of our consultancy tables, please send an email indicating which table(s) you are interested to meet, and any restrictions on your availability to forum assistant Camille Foisy.

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