Doc Forward Projects 2023

DOC FORWARD is a project-driven co-production workshop for emerging Nordic documentary producers and directors, with a focus on nationally established and new talent directors with ambitions to go international in partnership with both new and more established producers. Read more about Doc Forward here.

The first part of the workshop will take place in Helsinki 30.1-2.2.2023.

Funded by:


Circus Under the Eyes of the Taliban

Director: Camille Bildsøe
Producer: Sofie Husum Johannesen
Production Company: Elk Film

The Regulars

Directors: Camilla Arlien & Ida Mathilde Karlsson
Producer: Maria Helga Stürup
Production Company: Good Company Pictures


Dear Markku

Director: Karin Pennanen
Producer: Sonja Lindén
Production Company: Avanton Productions Oy

Nonbinary Bones

Director: August Joensalo
Producer: Emilia Haukka
Production Company: Aamu Film Company



Directors: Nina Paninnguaq S. Kristiansen and Sofie Rørdam
Producer: Emile Hertling Péronard
Production Company: Ánorâk Film


Coca Dulce Tabaco Frío

Director: Thorbjorg Jonsdottir
Producer: Hanna Björk Valsdóttir
Production Company: Akkeri Films



Producer: Mari Bakke Riise
Production Company: A5 film


Director: Katja Høgset
Producer: Silje Poulsen Viki
Production Company: Indie Film AS

Queer Seoul Sisters

Director: Anita Aamodt Enersen
Producers: Johanna Dorothea Raita and Mette Cheng Munthe Kaas
Production Company: Ten Thousand Images


Good Girls

Director: Ania Winiarska
Producers: Melissa Lindgren and Tobias Janson
Production Company: Story AB

The Art of Not Knowing

Director: Jonathan Lomar
Producer: Hanna Markkanen
Production Company: WG Film

The Strikers

Directors: Olga Ruin, Helena Molin and Angelica Ruffier-Holmqvist
Producer: Elin Lilleman Eriksson
Production Company: MDEMC Produktion