Nordic Projects at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020



La Vida Es Un Musical
Denmark, Sweden / Director: Patty Pajak / Producers: Emil Johnsen, Thor Hampus Bank

La Vida es un musical follows the transformation into adolescence of Alvaro, a vivid, philosophical child who’s biggest passion is to perform musicals – on the stage and on the town square – and dress as a lady. How do you stay true to your passion and dreams when you’re told that you are wrong. 

Of Boys And Men
Denmark / Director: Anders S. Jepsen / Producer: Anne Köhncke

Synopsis withheld.

Siunissaq – The Last Human
Denmark, Greenland, Norway / Director: Ivalo Frank / Producers: Rie Hougaard Landgreen, Ulannaq Ingemann

The Last Human is a poetic documentary told through the eyes of Greenlandic children, scientist Minik Rosing and Artists. All relating to the origin of life and paying a tribute to humanity in between its two poles, the beginning and the possible end. 

The House Is Still Dark
Denmark, Chile / Director: Felipe Roa Pilar / Producer: Thor Hampus Bank

Isolated indigenous families in Northern Nicaragua are threatened by a mysterious mental disorder while they fight to keep away invading violent landgrabbers from their rainforest.


Norway, Sweden / Directors: Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme / Producers: Carsten Aanonsen, Even Benestad

In search of a calmer mind, Petter, a young man without the will to live, gets help from likeminded characters and the co-director of the film to find the tools needed to deal with his demons.


Stories From The Debris
Sweden, France / Director: Jennifer Rainsford / Producers: Mirjam Gelhorn, Michael Krotkiewski, David Herdies

With the Japanese Tsunami of 2011 as a backdrop, Stories From The Debris assembles a collection of peculiar, uncanny, hopeful and poetic stories about how humans and nature rebuild after trauma.

To Set A Prisoner Free
Sweden / Director: Reece Smith / Producer: Joachim Vogel

After a drunk driver kills her husband and infant daughter, Natalie slowly finds her way back by forgiving the offender.

Minor Co-Productions

Dreaming Walls
Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden / Director: Amélie van Elmbt / Producer: Hanne Phlypo

The New York Chelsea Hotel is being renovated into a luxury hotel. In the chaos of the construction, the remaining residents hold on and try to keep the bohemian spirit alive.

Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark / Director: Olga Zhurba / Producer: Darya Bassel

The turbulent youth of young Roma from a 13-year-old hero of the Maidan revolution to the 18-year-old adult trying to survive in the criminal jungle of a small provincial town.