Nordics at Sunny Side of the Doc 2015


Pelle Folmer, 1606 ApS.
Ulrik Gutkin, Copenhagen Film Company
Anna J. Ljungmark, House of Real
Christian Fonnesbech, Investigate North


Riikka Poulsen, Spiraling Oy Ltd


Elisabeth Kleppe, Aldeles As
Turid Rogne, Aldeles As
Christian Falch, Faction Film
Ingvil Giske, Medieoperatorene AS
Ida Kleppe, Pandora Film
Kristian Mosvold, Substans Film As


Tell Aulin, Deep Sea Productions
Lotta Hellmann, Deep Sea Productions
Ric Wasserman, Deep Sea Productions
Margarete Jangård, WG Film

Nordic Projects at Sunny Side

There will be water
Copenhagen Film Company Short & Doc, Denmark

The Golden Dawn Case
Faction Film, Norway

A Chair for Wu Jing
Deep Sea Productions, Sweden