Nordic Projects at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019



Denmark, Norway, Greenland, Finland / Stray Dog Productions, Intrepid Cinema / Director: Mike Day; Producers: Henrik Underbjerg, Mike Day / Co-producers: Sami Jahnukainen, Kristine Ann Skaret

Two groups set out on tours of Greenland’s coast. One a hip-hop collective from the capital, Nuuk, by plane, the other, European Christian missionaries on a former Danish military vessel, claiming to ‘save them from hell’. An exploration of faith, self-belief, and taking on cultural imperialism.

Cold Cases
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium / Wingman Media / Director: Mads Brügger; Producer: Peter Engel

On the trail of the murderers from apartheid into the sinister heart of darkness.

Defending The Beast
Denmark, Poland / Made in Copenhagen / Directors: Lukasz Konopa, Emil Langballe; Producer: Heidi Kim Andersen; Executive Producer: Helle Faber; Co-producer: Pawel Kosun

For the first time in history, an ex-child soldier is being indicted at the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC). The film follows his defence team at the ICC and in Uganda, as they gather evidence, material and witnesses. Is the defendant a victim or a perpetrator?

Memento Mori
Denmark, Norway  / Stray Dog Productions / Director: Christian Holten Bonke; Producer: Henrik Underbjerg; Co-producer: Kristine Ann Skaret

Throughout time we invented stories and religions to ease our fear of the violent and silent darkness of Death. Now it seems that our rational thinking is erasing traditions, leaving us in an empty space, maybe waiting for science to outsmart death.

School Shooters (working title)
Denmark, Sweden, France / Final Cut for Real / Directors: Frida Barkfors, Lasse Barkfors; Producer: Anne Köhncke; Co-Producers: Frida Barkfors, Sallah-Edine Ben Jamaa

As the disaster of yet another school shooting hits, some parents are faced with a brutal fact: their child was pulling the trigger.

The Worlds Of Eriko
Denmark, Norway / Sonntag Pictures / Director: Jannik Splidsboel; Producer: Sara Stockmann

THE WORLDS OF ERIKO is the story about the Japanese classical pianist Eriko Makimura. It conveys the ways in which a female classical pianist from Japan was shaped, through force, public humiliation and an endless sea of loneliness. The piano simultaneously became her executioner and her savior.


Game of Minds
Finland, Germany / napafilms ltd / Directors: Petri Luukkainen, Jesse Jokinen; Producers: Liisa Karpo, Marianne Mäkelä

You need to know yourself deep down in order to win in esports – the greatest game of minds.

Gold Miners
Finland, Norway / Napafilms / Director: Inka Achté; Producer: Liisa Karpo; Co-producer: Christian Falch

When Mustafe prayed to Allah for an adventure, he didn’t expect to discover that his family’s land in Somaliland was heaving with gold. Upon hearing the news, he decides brave the culture shock, open a mine and take his wife and kids – who grew up Finnish – back to the country he left 25 years ago.


The Long Friday
Iceland, United States / Alternate Image Productions, Inc / Director: Pamela Hogan; Producer: Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir

What if every woman just simply took the day off? The Long Friday spans decades to tell the powerful story of a day that catapulted Iceland to its status as the superpower of gender equality.


Norway / UpNorth Film / Director: Tonje Hessen Schei; Producers: Christian Falch, Torstein Parelius

Project information available to participating Decision Makers only.


Earthlings Calling
Sweden / Fosfor Produktion AB / Directors: Per Bifrost, Alexander Rynéus; Producer: Malla Grapengiesser

This film takes us on a thought provoking, controversial journey with a handful of underdog scientists in the hunt for ET. The story reflects back on us as species and with underlying humor portraits the contrast between big questions and the ongoing everyday life.

Stay Real – Waiting for Godot
Sweden / Picky Pictures / Directors: Tova Mozard, Staffan Julén; Producer: Daniel Pynnönen

Three former inmates reiterate an unlikely meeting with Waiting for Godot. Reluctantly cast in the play, they realize their lives has been spent playing parts dealt to them. In the third act of their lives, they decides to choose for themselves.

Sweden / Story / Director: Ragnhild Ekner; Producer: Tobias Janson

Through a cinematic mosaic of football supporters and their societal contexts around the world, a comprehensive document of a subculture is created, as well as a subtle but powerful image of the political world situation and the power of youth.

Minor Co-Productions

Meetings with Monsters
France, Denmark, Germany / Pumpernickel Films & Elk Film / John Goetz and Poul-Erik Heilbuth

A man who was tortured sets out to meet his tormentors. He discovers that his tormentors include the journalists who convinced the world that he was a terrorist.


Alternate Realities Market

Project Iceworm
Director: Thomas Aue Sobol // Producer: Ulrik Gutkin // Digital Development Lead: Hans von Knut Skovfoged // Co-Producer (Canada): Heather Grieve & Alex Wittholz
Greenland, Canada, Denmark